Dear African Men… I am sorry

Dear African Men,
I am sorry, firstly I am sorry because I don’t even know where to begin with my apologies but I will try to be as succinct as I can be.


I am so sorry that you ferverently believe that my loving you entitles you to judge my past and make judgements because “a good woman wouldn’t have done that”
I am so sorry that your sense of entitlement makes you feel that your “hurt” is more significant than my “hurt”.
I am terribly sorry that society has made you believe that your I Love You is the biggest favour you can ever bestow on me and my gratefulness should be abundant and everlasting and most importantly all forgiving of your BS, and of course ever mindful of my own short comings as a woman.
I am really sorry, that my feminity seems to be something you can only tolerate if it is meek, submissive and totally under your control.
I am honestly deeply sorry that the word BITCH rolls off your toungue so freely (and I can’t be offended right) and MEN ARE TRASH is a colossal injustice to your basic humanity. How terrible is that?
I am most sincerely sorry that I fail to understand that my having had an active sex life before you is a collosal betrayal, while your legion of bed partners was a right of passage (I better recognize angithi)
I am sorry that my attempts at standing up for myself are merely disrespectful, stubborn and wilful, because after all your attempts to break me down are done out of the love you have for me.
I am sincerely apologetic for the fact that my gender all seem to be clones of each other and your richly diverse gender has to pick one anyway.

I am sorry for many things, we could be here all day as I make my apologies but…


I am mostly sorry that I am a woman who dares to be herself, who refuses to bend to your will, who refuses to be your strength while you suck the life out of her.
For this I am sincerely sorry. I hope you can accept this heart felt apology.

Yours Sincerely,
The Kasi Feminist